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Pete, I want to 'Thank you and your team of craftsmen', for expanding and converting our living room into a formal dining room. Sadie and I, are totally pleased with the new space and change in our living style.

Our goal was to eliminate going from the kitchen, down six steps to the family/dining room, whenever we entertained and hosted family gatherings/holidays. For each event we went up and down the stairs many times, for preparing and serving food to our guests.

We have a split level home with three levels. Each level is separated by six steps. Our living room is on the same floor as our kitchen. Our family / dining room is on the lower level. Downstairs is where we are able to accommodate approx 20 people, in a table environment, during our family events. There is no room to add kitchen functions on the lower level and still accommodate 20 people.

Our thought was to expand the living room on the first level, by enclosing the indented front entrance way, which would expand the living room by approx. 85 square feet. This in turn would be converted into our 'formal dining' area, which would be approx 19 x 8 square feet, and most importantly would be the same level of the kitchen. No more going up and down stairs with meals, during our family events. As we become older and enter into retirement, having the kitchen and dining room on the same level will be appreciated more with each passing year!

Les was the first person that we met from Leader. Les listening to our vision of converting the living room to an expanded formal dining room. Les took measurements and documented our detail items for expanding the living room.

Pete you visited us within a week and presented your proposal of our project. We reviewed and agreed to the proposal of work to be performed and project cost. We're on our way now.

Les developed architectural drawings and the equest for the permit was submitted to the Village of Morton Grove. Permit was received on September 22 and work was scheduled to begin on September 28. Total project days was estimated to be 45 business days. Project was completed on December 8th.

In closing I must mention the 'master craftsmen' that worked on our project. The very unique item of the each crew that worked on the project, was that at the end of each day, the crew would clean the general work area. This was appreciated by my wife and I.

Thanks to; Chester and Stanley (architectural carpentry), Stanley (insulation, dry walling, plastering and painting), Zelnek (siding), Arthur (cement work), Greg (Electrical) and Arthur (heating), Les (project foreman and coordinator). Thank you guys.

This project was made successful, due to two items; having a building contractor that understood our vision and having a project coordinator that addressed all of my many questions and concerns.

Thank You Leader Corp,
Sincerely Phil and Sadie Geraci.

Dear Peter,

When my husband and I decided to remodel our 50 year old bathroom, Leader Builders was the only company we considered. Your website clearly demonstrated the beautiful work the LB team was capable of completing and, after meeting with you to discuss design possibilities, we were committed. From the start, your professionalism and customer focus proved we had made the right decision. You simplified the challenge of demolishing our only bathroom, embellished our basic design plan with artistic sensibility and proactively planned the work schedule. The project team was a pleasure to work with. Their expert craftsmanship, diligent execution and attention to detail were impressive. They arrived on time, cleaned up daily and were a pleasure to have in our home (Stanley is a treasure). In the end, your partnership and theirs brought the design concept to life, giving us a stunning bathroom which we will appreciate for years to come.

Laima and Ed Puzzo
Morton Grove, IL

Dear Pete,
My family and I would like to thank you and your entire crew for giving us the home of our dreams. We began this process not knowing where to start or what to expect. But from the very beginning of this process, from our initial discussions to our first set of drawings with your architect, our minds were put at ease and we felt like the project was headed in the right direction.
The design-and-build process with your company allowed us to incorporate everything we wanted into our plan, and Leader's expertise and experience gave us the guidance to stay on track and within budget. When construction began on our house, we were once again impressed not just with the quality of work, but also with the team working on the jobsite. Everyone (rough carpenters, plumbing crew, electricians, tile guys, finish carpenters, project leaders - Mark!) was extremely courteous and always willing to answer any ridiculous questions that I have been known to ask. They always showed up on time and always treated others with respect.
The staff at your office was always extremely helpful throughout this entire process, and I know they will miss my calls! During the entire process, no one hesitated to accommodate any of our requests and the team always worked with us to figure out a way to get what we wanted.
Now that we are at the completion of this project, we would like to thank all of you for working so hard and making our house turn out even better than we had hoped. It is obvious that your company takes pride in its work and your employees truly seem to be proud to work for your company.
It was great to meet so many of the employees at Leader, and we thank you very much for a job extremely well done.
Simon Residence
Wilmette , IL
P.S. I want a Leader vest!

To Whom It May Concern: We have worked with Leader Builders for upwards of ten years and every job has ended with a happy and satisfied client. They have been quick and thorough in their response to changes, by the client generated or required due to unforeseen conditions. They provided project schedules and update them throughout the job as changes or addition dictate.
Their lead carpenters are knowledgeable and possess good communication skills. Their job captains carry cell phones and return calls promptly. Their bids are thorough and complete.
We at Raino Ogden Architects highly recommend Leader Builders.

David Raino-Ogden
Raino Ogden Architects

Dear Wally:
I want to express my satisfaction with the performance of Leader Builders on the remodeling of the Koch Residence in Chicago . As you well know, remodeling projects, particularly those on older historic structures, are challenging endeavors. A successful project requires the cooperation of the owner, architect and builder in solving the inevitable challenges that arise during the process. Leader handled all of the conflicts in a professional manner and offered advice in solving problems, a trait that is welcome by both the architect and owner. The number of times I was called because of complications was kept to a minimum, which tells me the relationship between your company and the homeowner was positive. Another important characteristic of remodeling projects is the quality, of the workmanship. I was very impressed with the final product, particularly the attention to small details that can't always be communicated on a set of drawings, but are vital to making a good project a good one. I will have no hesitation in recommending Leader Builders for future projects. Congratulations on a great project.

McGuire Igleski & Associates, Inc.
Mark Igleski, AIA

I chose Leader Builders in an atmosphere of skepticism based on my friend's experiences with other contractors. I can't tell you how different Leader Builders was from that expectation.
A company like Leader Builders comes down to its outstanding employees who operate with integrity and trustworthiness. From project manager to tradesman, all of their people worked hard, with quality, and always making good on what they said. Leader Builders takes pride in doing it right. If I wasn't happy with something, they always made it right.
I highly recommend Leader Builders. If you want a company you can trust, choose Leader Builders.
Thomas Parkinson
Peapod Home Delivery

Dear Pete,
Jeff and I would like to thank you and your staff for doing an extraordinary job of renovating our kitchen. Our goal for this project was to make the best use of the space in our very compact house. The new kitchen is beautiful, efficient and comfortable-with places for everything and every activity. We are delighted with the outcome.
As we began the process of choosing a contractor, I reviewed your web site and I could not help but note how often your people were complimented on their skill, honesty and likeability. I have to admit that I did not believe that all those accolades could be true... but please add mine to the list. All of the people who worked on our project, without exception, were wonderful. I always felt like they had the goal of doing their best to make me happy. They had the courage to speak up respectfully in order to keep me from making mistakes. They were honest and kind. They were also very skilled and hard working. The job site was always tidy. They respected my home and my neighbors too. Best of all they were always available if I had a questions or concern. Regarding the issues of design, schedule, and cost, we came to you with some vague ideas and a budget. Both were taken serious by all. Urszula and Les were straightforward describing what was feasible, always keeping me on track. Steve Bailey laid out a floor plan for the exquisitely crafted cabinets. Diana Gourguechon helped me make choices in design that reflect our style. After the plan was laid, the execution was left in the capable hands of Les, Zenick, Jerry, Chris, Greg and Ralph, John and Mario. Crawford Supply and Exotic Marble supplied us with the high quality materials which were like icing on the cake.
Being a renovation, our project had several unexpected changes. It was nice to be informed of the price in changes in terms of money and time before the work was done. We appreciated your willingness to make some improvements to our home beyond the original scope of work. Claudia kept me up-to-date on change orders and invoicing.You made living through construction bearable by handling any unexpected challenges with grace and confidence, keeping the project moving forward and being genuinely concerned with the outcome. Leader is our contractor of choice and I will recommend you without reservation to our friends. Please, feel free to use us as a reference.
Thanks again for a job well done. 
Diane and Jeff Schorsch
Morton Grove IL

To: Leader Builders
Dear Piotr,
I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Leader Builders experience. As you know, I entered this project with much trepidation, having had a very difficult time finding a contractor who didn't have horror stories associated with them. Leader was the first company I heard anything good about.
I am so pleased with the outcome. The project was completed in the time-frame you estimated, we managed to stay within the budget (for the most part), and most importantly it was a pleasant experience. Eduard, Urszula and Claudia were readily available to answer all my questions. Eduard gave me all sort of good advice as I was making decision about the siding, the roof, etc. All the trades people you sent to the house were incredibly polite, took pride in their work, and did their best to disrupt the household as little as possible. I have to say, I almost- ALMOST- miss random men trudging through my house at 7 o'clock in the morning.
And the kitchen is beautiful. (So are the family room, mudroom, bathroom, and deck but I'm in love with the kitchen.) Every time I walk in there, I can't believe how pretty it is, and that it's MY house. If someone offered me a brand new, bigger house for free, right now, I think I might have to turn them down. I'm not sure I could care to leave my new kitchen.
So thanks to you and everyone at leader who walked us through this process. Living without a kitchen for four months was trying, but you all made it much less painful than it could have been. I will be sure to recommend you to my friends and neighbors.
Mia McCullough
Evanston, IL

Opinion site entry:

Approximate Cost: $130,000.00

Leader Builders always has excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. Fantastic quality, fabulous service and reasonable prices. We've used them for them big projects and have been happy with everything. We highly recommend them for you next project.
The Schafers
Wilmette , IL

Dear Pete,
As we near the end of our project with you and your team, our family is thrilled by the prospect of living in our new space, and yet a bit said that it's about to end. Project manager Les Blezien has worked incredibly hard on meeting our needs and has practically become a member of the family. Urszula Kaminska, and Claudia Bureac have been helpful and responsive, making financial management and materials sourcing easier for us than we know it was for them. The onsite team-from the demolition team to the finish carpenters-have all been incredibly respectful of the fact that our family, including 2 young children, lived in the house through the entire project. You, Wally Tener and the rest of the team have been able to work with us to solve every challenge.
We know our is not the largest or most glamorous project your team has. We know we have "champagne taste" without the budget to match. Yet, you've never made us feel like our job has been anything less than your highest priority. Your team has allowed us to double the size of our house, while maintaining and improving the charm and integrity we loved in the original home. From the high quality of the construction to the craftsmanship of the tile, wood floor installation and finish carpentry, everything has been first class, Your team has impressed these perfectionists. You've met the demands of an unfamiliar city inspection department. You've won the respect of family in related trades who initially weren't convinced a general contractor could offer the quality they expected (In fact, you've exceeded it.)
Les and your team were able to build us the home we never would have dreamed we could have. We sincerely appreciate your team's professionalism, patience, creativity and honesty. We can't thank you enough.
Frank and Chris Tomsic
Des Plaines, IL

Opinion site entry:

Leader Builders Corporation is doing a gut renovation for me right now.
Member Comments: They are extraordinarily excellent. The pricing is fair, although there have been a couple of times when I have had to grab their attention to have them readjust the pricing. Each time when I grabbed them they were willing to explain why they were priced that way and they were also willing to look into other vendors for products so that they do not gouge my budget. They are always accommodating when it comes to the billing and materials. They are willing to let me check into the project and keep the materials that I pay for. They are usually on time. It can be tough to be one time in their business and they have worked very hard to keep in time. They have a wonderful staff. Whenever I have a problem or a complaint they are very good about helping me to get those resolved. They have been very good about working with the condo association. They even went through and got all of the permits for me without an extra charge. There was an experience that truly impressed me. They had to drill through the main core of the building through nine inches of cement to reroute some plumbing. They got all of the permission from the building and were able to arrange for the two different skilled laborers, the one to do the coring and the one to do the plumbing in less than two hours. They were able to not only do all of that in record time, but to do all of it and not disturb the eighty condos in the building. We are even three days a head of schedule which is almost unheard of. They have a whole list of skilled laborers, all of which speak three languages. They have all been trained in English, Spanish, and Polish. Another thing that I find refreshing is that all of the subcontractors work directly with Leader Builders Corporation. The original estimate was about $103,000 and they were very good about finding ways to cut that cost by about $19,000.

Please, accept payment in full. Thanks for the courtesy, professionalism and responsiveness of your entire team. We are pleased with the finished product.
Ed Schmelzer and Family

Now that your portion of our remodeling is complete I want to thank you and your firm for what I consider to be excellent workmanship and superior coordination of the various facets of our project, I was most impressed with Eduard's attention to our request and his coordination expertise. I was always aware of what was being done next and never questions I would be informed of any changes or delays. I found Eduard to be forthright and honest whenever there was a question on any part of the project that I inquired about.
Most refreshing was that I always had my phone calls answered. In dealing with other it has not been uncommon to have someone say they would call but they didn't. Eduard was referred to me by my son David as a result of Eduard's attributes, out son Chris with whom you are now working, has requested that when appropriate Eduard to be placed in charge of his project.Although I am sure you have many other fine project supervisors our experience with Eduard has cause us to repeat business with you and recommended him to Chris.
We look forward to the same experience on Chris; project and will recommend your firm as the occasion rises.
George Stevoff

As our project reaches completion, we went to express our sincere appreciation for the work that Leader Builders has cone on our home.
As you know, the "classic" style of our home is very important to us, and we wanted to insure that the new morning room and the bedroom/bath remodeling fit in with what was already there. Simply put, we are delighted. The quality of construction and attention to detail is beyond our expectations. We have received so many compliments on the bluestone sidewalk and entry and morning room in the front of the house, and we are thoroughly enjoying our new spaces.
Eduard Sinjaradze was a great project manager. He communicated with us very well, he was always available, and he kept all the crews on the same track. Out weekly meetings with Eduard and the architect were invaluable in letting us know what was coming up and what we needed to be working on.
We also want to give special thank you's to Stanly, Chester and Peter. The carpentry (inside and outside) and the stone/tile work are beautiful. They are exceptionally talented, respectful of our schedule and spaces, and just thoroughly pleasant. And the office personnel,- Ursula and Claudia- were easy to work with and kept the paperwork in order. All-in-all, we had a very satisfactory experience, and we are please beyond our expectations in the outcome.
Robert and Peggy Magee
Evanston, IL

Opinion site entry:

Most recent project remodeling historic family house in Evanston for estate sale. Leader did extensive plumbing and plaster repair, floor re-finishing, painting and slate roofing work to prepare the house for sale. The house was in very bad condition to start with and needed a huge amount of work. There were decorative plaster freezes in the ceilings which needed repair from water damage. Leader created forms to match the existing plaster shapes and then re-created the damaged and missing sections - it looks original now. This is a historic home that needed a lot of work and great care to bring back to presentable, original looking condition. Leader provided that. Also, I don't live in the Chicago area anymore and Leader coordinated the work in the home for me and was very respectful of our budget. I worked with Robert and Mark to manage the work, Stash who is one of their senior carpenters as well as Gloria and Ursula in the office. Preparing our family home for sale as part of the estate process was a very difficult process emotionally - Mark and Robert were a great help managing the process and the quality of the work was first rate which was very important given the historic nature of the house.

Prior to this project, Leader did two projects at our house in Jefferson Park;

Project 1 windows and siding. Project 2 added new dormer, repaired original dormer, 2 bathrooms, remodeled bedroom with new storage system, major plumbing repairs, repairing faulty prior remodeling, repairing floor joists and creating new living space in previously unusable space.

Project 1 was pretty straight forward, but project 2 was complex and really expanded and improved the house. Robert lead us thru the design process until we were happy with the design and then the building team went to work. They did all the roofing work in one weekend so that the home was not open to the weather - this included replacing the 40 foot ridge beam and both dormers. The new dormer greatly expanded living space on the 2nd floor and they finished out the new space with a new bedroom, storage and large bathroom. Downstairs they repaired the floor joists and then remodeled the bathroom with a jacuzzi tube and glass shower enclosure with Italian tile - it looks amazing! We sold that house in 2 days for $10k over asking price with a bidding contest between 3 buyers - they said it was the nicest house they saw in Jefferson Park.

Member Comments: 
Throughout all three projects Leader did a great job. Robert and Mark kept us up to date on all issues, managed work at the estate house while I was out of town and did really first class work. The office team has been prompt, but polite regarding billing and I never felt they were bugging me to pay. It's been a great experience working with Leader. I live in Denver now and I wish they were there - I would use them on our house here too.


To: Everyone at Leader Builders
Thank you for the wonderful stroller. We can't wait to use it with our bundle of double trouble. Thank you for all the hard work everyone put into our house. We are so happy with the way it turned out. Your staff was always helpful and thoughtful. Who can believe ahead of schedule and on budget. We thank you for finishing before the twins were born.
The Anserts

Dear Edward
The New Spaces team would like to thank you for your participation in our program. Your patience, flexibility, and on-camera presence were greatly appreciated. It's people like you who make New Spaces a fun and engaging show-and we wouldn't have done it without you!
As I promised we're enclosing a DVD copy of your episode- Enjoy! Hope we'll have an opportunity to work with you again some time.
Best Wishes
Mario Tharpe
Field Producer
Broadview Media                          

Dear Pete:
We just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how pleased we are with the work you did on our recent kitchen-remodeling project.
From start to finish, your company was very professional in the way it did business with us. You responded quickly to our request for a proposal, drafted a realistic timeline for getting the work done, and forecast the cost and accuracy.
Once the job began, we were pleased by the quality of work - and the pace. Your crew worked quickly and efficiently, and with the sensitivity to the fact that a family was living around the edge of the project. Also, they are nice people to be around!
Finally, we appreciated your company's attention to customer satisfaction. As the project drew to a close, you paid close attention to satisfying whatever small issues and problems we brought to your attention.
We would recommend Leader Builders to other homeowners without hesitation.
Mark and Anita

Dear Pete:
Our home addition at 6861 Church Street is finally complete and we are ecstatic about our new home. What started in our minds as an addition, resulted in a totally new house for our family. With your help, we were able to incorporate every part of our original design wish list into the project. We continuously receive compliments from our family, friends, and neighbors on how well the exterior architecture blends in with our existing home for a seamless look. The interior layout works very well for us and was a well thought out design. The workmanship, especially the exterior work and the tile work, was well dome, and also a good value. Thank you for your flexibility right from the start allowing us to incorporate so many personal details into the project.
Our Project Manager Mark Pojawis was extremely helpful throughout the project. He was always approachable with our numerous requests and has good suggestions for resolving various issues. It was extremely helpful for us to be able to contact Mark, or anyone in your office, when needed, and he was always available or would call us right back. Mark always quickly resolved any questions or issues. Also, Mark was very helpful managing a lot of the details we requested as the project went on.
Congratulations to you and your staff for a job well done. We would be happy for you to show our house to other prospective clients.
Jeff Gwozdz

Thank You Note
Dear Pete
We feel so fortunate to have had Leader Builders doing the remodeling in our home. We first met Leader Builder two years ago. Stanly did such a fabulous job at tearing out the old bathroom and putting in a beautiful new one. We were so happy with the result that we decided to hire Leader Builders again to remodel our basement. It was a huge job because of the demolition and having to re-build it. We were impressed with the politeness of each worker who passed thorough our house. The carpenters worked very long hours and they always let us know when they were leaving for the day. Everybody was extremely trustworthy. We felt very comfortable leaving the house for the day while they were working.
Eduard and Les were very good at communicating with us by letting us know what was going to happen next. We actually miss having them coming around anymore. We are really enjoying the extra space the new basement is providing, which by the way does not even feel like a basement. We definitely happy because we think we have one of the coolest basements in Evanston.
We will definitely call Leader Builders again plus we will refer Leader Builders to all of our friend and neighbors.

Thanks again for a job well done.
Bonnie and Chris Donaghy

Thank You Note
Home Repairs can be a horrible good one the way it was with your company. Your team has done a wonderful job and you have been a pleasure to do business with. Please feel free to use my job as a reference, for your company has earned that right. I'll be more than happy to help you with referrals and I will definitely contact you for more additional work in my home.
Bill Sciortino

Thank you email
Peter and Eduard:
First, I would like to give you my follow-up impression of the remodeling work. While no such work goes without problems, my sense is that Leader Builders reacted as well and as quickly as I could have possibly hoped whenever problems arose. Your design, preparation, planning and craftsmanship were all first-rate. Overall I would and do recommend Leader to anyone who is looking for remodeling or construction work.

Thank You Note
To Everyone at Leader Builders especially Mark, Lester and Ursula
Thank you for the wonderful work you did on our house. It is really better than we ever imagined it would be. It has been a pleasure working with all of you. I hope we will have the opportunity to do so again in the future.
Sandra Henez

Dear Peter:
It has been a pleasure working with your company. My first experience was the construction of a garage at 2657 W Logan Blvd. in Chicago. I was pleased with the performance of Marek Pojawis that when it came time for my next project at 2615 N. Francisco Avenue in Chicago. I was pleased to contact Marek and Leader Builders. As you know this project was vastly different as it was the rehabilitation of a brick two flat. Again, the quality of workmanship and coordination of trades by Marek resulted in a excellent constructed project.  In addition to Marek, I don't think the project would have gone well if he hadn't had Lester Blezien to take care of the starting the construction and finishing the final items.
In addition to my personal projects, I have also used Leader Builders for construction projects at my office building at 2627 N. Western Avenue in Chicago. Peter I look forward to working with your company again in the future.
Sincerely yours,
Michael J. Mallaney

Opinion site entry:

Leader has designed and built a room addition to our 1950's ranch. Existing kitchen that had an entrance to the basement and a path to the family room has been completely reorganized, with basement access moved to the hallway and family room path re-directed to new addition that included the dinning room and neatly fitted between new remodeled kitchen and a family room. Additionally a Lanai has been built at the end of current family room that is skillfully integrated to existing home and gives my wife and I a wonderful indoor/outdoor space to enjoy 3 seasons of the year. Basically the idea of the project was to fix some architectural problems that came with the house and they have done beautiful job, creating logical, practical, beautiful and solidly constructed new/remodeled area that we enjoy every day. We are extremely pleased with both design and quality of the work. I'll strongly recommend this company to anyone starting on this kind of project today.

Member Comments: 

First, we have outlined the features and the budget with with our project leader. We got line item estimate of all work including sizes and finishes of the rooms and we have signed the contract. The project was designed by a licensed architect that Leader Builders have introduced with us reviewing and approving every step. We were very pleased with architect's ability to listen and respecting our needs and opinions. Once the plans were finalized and Leader Builders took care of the permit, the construction process was just amazing. All the work got pre-scheduled and got a printed calendar of the work to keep. Our project leader - Edward, was informing us of the progress, asking about the decisions (colors, fixtures, appliances selections, etc.) and took care of the cleaning and organization. Keep in mind that we had to live in the house during construction and Leader employees made it much easier for us than I could imagine. I would like to give Leader Builders Corp. a raving review in hope to help people who are going to have to some larger work on their house and depending on whom they're going to choose it can be a wonderful experience as we've had or something not as rosy.

David L

Thank You Note
Dear Friends at Leader,
Wow! I have heard that my referral professor Larkin was very pleased with your work on his bathroom project and even went on to another improvement. Thanks, for the additional business cards. I'm always happy to recommend you. Hoping you're all well.
Kate Green

Thank You Note
Dear Pete, Mark, Urszula, and Michael,
Today I am sending the final payment for the work you did on our kitchen project.
We are very happy and pleased with the way things turn out, and thank you to everyone at Leader Builders for your hard work.
Best wishes to all of you.
Stuart Cleland
Karen Koerth

Thank You Note
Just a short note to let you know how much we love our new bathroom.
Stanley and one of your company workers who has worked at our residence during the project were wonderful. They worked long hours and did a wonderful job. Thanks again to Larry who helped us pick up all the right materials for our bathroom.
Anytime you wish to come by and see it just give us a call. Thank You.
Bonnie and Chris Donaghy

Dear Peter:
This Letter will confirm our verbal agreement that my wife and I assume responsibility for the booster pump and spiral staircase in the rear of our home. Also, I appreciate all your and Mark's efforts to complete in an expedited fashion all of the punch list items that we are currently aware of relating to the above referenced contract. We are very pleased with the work that your company did to our home and in particular all the overtime work that Lester put in at the end of the contract to complete the stereo cabinet in the lower level. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need a reference in the future.  
Very Truly Yours
Thomas P. Yardley

Opinion site entry:

Approximate Cost: $395,000.00
Description Of Work:  This was a complete gut rehab along with a partial tear down and addition. The project took 9 months (over a brutal winter) and was completed on time. The old part of the house was gutted to the studs and new windows, electrical, insulation, drywall and moldings were installed. Half of the house was torn down and a new addition was built. A new 1000 sq/ft basement was built with 9 foot ceilings, an exercise room, theater and full bath. Another 2500 sq/ft of new space was added on the first and second floors. On the first floor, a brand new kitchen, family room, mud room, butler's pantry, dining room, powder room, office and main hallway was built. On the second floor, a dormer was built to widen the guest room, a full bathroom was added to the guest room, a new main hallway, master suite and a laundry room was built.

Member Comments: 

We used Leader Builder's architect in developing the plans for our house. Going into it, we were on the fence about using their architect vs. one we hired on our own. But not only was it less expensive to use their architect, it also turned out to be a great choice. Peter worked through every change we wanted and found ways to accomodate all our ideas and changes. One MAJOR positive was that their architect was familiar with the village codes for zoning, FAR, etc, so we didn't waste time getting our plans back from the village because they were not up to code. This should be a huge factor in deciding on an architect/builder. From there, Pete Antonow worked with us to make sure that we were on the same page and was clear with what we wanted. Mark was our project leader and our "point" person for any questions or issues we had, and he came through every time. We moved out of the house during the construction, but I would always go over there and meet with the carpenters/electricians/plumbers/tile/hvac guys and they were all great to work with (they probably couldn't wait for me to stop bothering them!) The brutally cold winter caused some delays with our dig, but Mark and his crew were able to work around the problem and still deliver the project on time. They were always willing to make any reasonable changes that I requested and they also provided solid advice when i asked for their opinions. Urszula handled the scheduling for my project and answered many of my constant questions and did so in an extremely pleasant manner. The end result was that the house looks better than i had hoped, and i say this in complete sincerity. For the money we spent, there is no way we could have gotten a house like it in my area. Great people to work with and they truly cared about what we thought of their work.

Eric & Kim

Dear Peter,
I would like to commend Leader Builders Corp. on the outstanding job done on my two remodeling projects. I'm writing this letter in response to the two bath projects your company recently completed in my home ( 12/01 ). The outstanding service has prompted me to write this letter. The entire crew treated my home and family with the utmost respect. My then three year old really took a liking to Peter. To this day, she still asks if he will come back.
I want to compliment your company on its most important commodity your Design Consultant Larry Roche. Larry is a superior individual. During the planning stage of the projects, Larry was always prompt, courteous and diligent at his work. He instilled a quiet confidence in your company, which is one of the reasons I chose to do business with Leader Builders Corp. I knew from the very first phone call that I was going to award the Contract to you guys. I interviewed a total of five contractors. Each spent an average of sixteen minutes in my home. Each gave me a flat price and then informed me that my price would go up or down depending on if I choose products they didn't have in stock. I've experienced harassing phone calls after turning down Contracts. However, Larry was well prepared and spent a little over two hours with me. He made sketches, asked questions, took measurements and was able to answer any and all questions I posed to him.
People like Larry and Peter are hard to find. In today's hectic and high spaced society, no one hardly takes the time out to salute someone for outstanding service. I just want to take this time to say "Hats off to Leader Builders".
Congratulations on a job well done. Please feel free to use me as a reference. When I decide to complete my next project, I will definitely call upon Leader Builders Corp. for assistance.
You guys really stood up to your motto. MY DREAM DEFINITELY BECAME A REALITY.
Robin R. Hudson
Satisfied Customer

To Whom It May Concern:
Leader Builders renovated nine houses for the Albany Park Community Center this year. The work they did for us included masonry, roofing, porches, gutters and downspouts, windows, and doors.
I found their workmanship to be superior. In addition, I found them to be very reasonable about following up on punch list items, and they were a pleasure to work with. I look forward to doing more work with them in the future.
Yours Truly,
Jonathan Silverstein
TIF Director
Albany Park Community Center, Inc. 

Opinion site entry:

Approximate Cost: $130,000.00

Home Build Year: 1948

Description Of Work: Our goal was to incorporate several rooms into a kitchen/great room.

Member Comments: Our remodeling project resulted in a space that is both beautiful and functional. The project was completed on schedule and within budget. The workmanship and materials used were of exceptional quality. All of the people involved, subcontractors and employees, were responsive to the schedule and worked to make us happy. They were professional at all times and respected our home and budget. All paperwork was understandable. All phone calls, e-mails and questions were answered promptly and completely. We were extremely satisfied with the project on all levels and will use Leader Builder Corp. for future work. I have no reservations about recommending them.

Diane and Jeff

Dear Larry:
I wanted to write to say that the people of Leader Builders performed an absolutely terrific job on our bathroom. Me and my husband are just in awe over the turn out. We were a bit skeptical about installing bead board in our bathroom instead of tile but after seeing the aftermath of everything, I would not have had it any other way. Bead board is the way to go in a bathroom. It's just classic and beautiful. It truly makes a fantastic looking bathroom. Thanks to you Larry for making such a wonderful suggestion. I will surely pass the word along to everyone I know about the great job done.
Also, just wanted to say too that the workers in our home were very respectable and pleasant. They asked questions about anything they weren't sure of which meant a lot to me because to me it showed that they cared about how the customer wanted things done. GREAT JOB GUYS. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
Laura Hernandez and Sergio Hernandez

Dear Mark,
Enclosed with this letter is the final payment due on my project, less the cost of the locksmith to re-key the upstairs door. A copy of the locksmith's receipt is also enclosed.
I would personally like to thank you and your team of contractors and subcontractors for your professional and timely work. The workmen always took the time to clean up at the end of the day and I was able to keep three rooms on the first floor quite livable during this big project. I appreciated that they used ladders to enter the second floor work space, limiting construction dust on the first floor.
Your team was always polite and courteous. You always replied quickly to my calls and questions. Your company worked well with my architect, which we both appreciated.
I am very happy with my new second floor addition, the porch and the deck and the new windows! The new living spaces are working out very well, and the decorating and furnishing are almost done.
Thanks again for your help and hard work on this job- I would definitely recommend your company to others.
Nancy Stachnik

Dear Mark:
We wanted to drop a note to send out sincere appreciation for your outstanding job that was done by Leader Builders on our major expansion and renovation. As you know once we saw the level of service and quality of work, we decided to work with Leader on all facets of our project.
Although a project of this magnitude is never easy, while living at the job site, your crew including Peter, Chester and the highly skilled craftsman, made the experience less stressful with results beyond our expectations. The most impressive performance however was the professionalism and honesty that you offered from day one. Your accessibility, flexibility and expertise were the keys to why we would recommend you and Leader Builders to anyone.
We are thrilled with the results of the kitchen, deck, and other areas, and we send our gratitude to you and all the staff of Leader Builders.
Dan Steenstrup

Thank you for a love new kitchen and bathroom. I am 100% pleased as punch! Your workmen were professional and timely. The construction had only a few delays and the clean up was always done after each day.
My new hardwood kitchen floor matches the living room/dining room hardwood floor perfectly, and the kitchen cabinets are exactly as I wanted. My new Jacuzzi bathtub is relaxing and enjoyed by the whole family. The new tile pattern and floor in the bathroom add warmth and color to that very small space.
Please send me a final accounting of my payments. I have to submit it to my homeowner's insurance company for payment of my claim for damages from the sewer pipe breakage.
Thanks again for a job well done.
Very truly yours,
Linda B. Schroyer

Dear Peter:
I am pleased to enclose herewith the final payment for your work in completely gutting and remodeling our kitchen in our Chicago Condominium. We are as happy with this work as we were with your remodeling of our bathroom last year- and we were delighted at that time.
Since I was dealing with you at a considerable distance. I was especially appreciative that your people were there when you said they would be, their work was excellent, and appreciative that you left the apartment clean "to my wife's satisfaction" ( which means you met very high standard), and for your overall concern that we are happy with the results.
Thanks again for making what could have been a difficult process (picking out materials and appliances, working out construction details and costs) a pleasurable experience. I hope I have a chance to recommend you to others in the future.
We now look forward to enjoying our apartment when we visit Chicago.
Sincerely yours,  
Benjamin B. Steinberg

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