This contemporary classic

is one of the Leader favorites for combination of high style, quiet luxury, functionality, and surprising affordability. The project conveys an old-money European charm, while reflecting the tastes and lifestyle of a very American family, who bring their sunny personalities into the mix together with strong involvement in the design process, working with Leader pros closely on all aspects of this essentially designer-driven endeavor. It sports a second floor family room overlooking a secluded terrace, stone clad master bath bathed in sun light, glass railings, grand chef's kitchen, and a contemporary twist on a classic fireplace. Project is located in Morton Grove, IL and involves a second floor addition to a ranch with complete gut remodeling of all floors.

More than 1900 square feet of additional living space

was added to this home in a beautiful part of Wilmette. The new addition was added to the rear of building to replace a previous, poorly designed addition. A full 8 foot deep basement was added, featuring a playroom, exercise area, and full bath, and the sizes of rooms vastly increased. Both traffic patterns and architectural design of the home improved. The kitchen and family room was relocated to overlook the backyard and increased in size. A gorgeous master suite has also been built. The entire existing existing part of the house also got a face lift.

What started as a modest insurance repair

after a storm downed a large tree onto what was originally the master bedroom became a major facelift for this grand country residence, situated on a wooded lot in Winnetka. A completely new master suite has been built, with a screened porch sitting room added and a grand sunroom addition that was built on the ground level. The many previous structural issues that had accumulated over previous years have been cleaned up, and new windows, siding, and heating-cooling systems were added, and the electrical system was also updated.

Urban Family Retreat on Chicago's north side

The family bought two lots with two homes on them. They have hired Leader Builders to expand one of the houses by building a second floor and rear additions, which combined more than double the size of the original home, creating a wonderful residence in the process. The family lived in the second house during the construction, and after completion they moved to the finished house. The other house was then demolished.

A kitchen to die for

resulted when a Long Grove family put all their thoughts and wishes on paper, and hired Leader Builders to come up with the plan and to build this home addition. The beautiful huge kitchen and laundry room were added, and, as bonus, there is new room in the basement. Great material met top notch installation with every minute detail worked on with the utmost caution.

The grand renovation

of this Chicago Lincoln Park Victorian involved gutting of most of the house, and making the basement deeper. Existing antique trim was all preserved, stored and reused in the completed work, flawlessly integrated into a project. New trim with matching profiles was used were needed. Clawfoot tubs, stone tile antique sinks and the two story open ceiling in the family room were just few of the features of this cool project.

A monster attic

of over 3500 square feet (!) in an exclusive part of Winnetka was the beginning of this fun project. During construction, Leader Builders first constructed an external staircase for all the materials to be brought up, and a chute for the debris to come down. We even remodeled the master bathroom in the storey below, getting the materials from the attic job site above. Project included new heating and electrical systems, cathedral ceilings, new bathroom and even a kitchenette. This project is all about fun: it has a ballet studio, play rooms, window seats and a media area.

A landmark renovation

in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood was aimed at preserving the character of the only wood building in the area to survive the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Layers upon layers of previous remodeling jobs were peeled away, and a new garage, master suite and art studio were added. The whole building was thoroughly updated. Old windows were restored and new windows and patio doors were installed. Grand modern kitchen, high tech master bathroom and the master suite roof deck were some of the highlights of a project.

A Stately Stone Facade

and exquisite finishes are the trademark of this Lincoln Park home addition in Chicago. Spanning three floors, it starts with inviting entry area, a media room on the lower level, a spectacular new staircase providing the access to the remodeled first floor living room, and the office, featuring cool quarter orange window on the top level. Stairs, cabinets, decorative panelings and trim were all built from scratch by Leader Builders finish carpenters. Carpenters and tile setters cooperated closely in getting the floor tile patterns to coordinate with the trimwork.

The Dreamlike Condominium

in this Chicago downtown highrise building was a product of two consecutive Leader Builders projects, with the main renovation project completed first and master suite work added about a year later. High design characterized both phases with highly customized stone work, cabinetry, millwork and various types of glass products. Creative partitioning and usage of multitude of lighting arrangements were used.

Great North Shore Secret

was our code name for this secluded and little known classical late nineteenth century Evanston stone residence, of over ten thousand square feet with roundabout driveway in front. Leader Builders' project involved renovation of the house's historical finishes and a general face lift without any major changes to its layout. Original trim and finishes were restored; the walls, ceiling and trim were repainted and the floors refinished. On the outside, small repairs of existing roofing, gutters and flashing system was a tune up of sorts to get this ultimate living machine ready for yet another century of running.

Contemporary in the city

In Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. Highly designed, beautifully executed but warm and playful. Full of surprises: secret roof terraces, skyboxes, sunk-in patios and multi-story open spaces and an all glass facade hidden behind the traditional elevation of the home which it replaced. Green technologies and green thinking dominate, with solar panels, high insulation factors and high efficiency technologies such as radiant heating.

The art studio

was added as part of this addition and renovation project in Evanston. Once the artist couple made the decision to live together, they realized they wanted more space in their traditional Evanston bungalow-type house. Leader Builders added a bright and open second floor, integrating it neatly into the structure, as well as the style, of the existing house. The kitchen was updated and first floor office space was added. To complete the project, new heating/cooling systems, as well as new electrical and plumbing configurations were installed. Artistic touches throughout make this home as easy to look at as it is to live in.

Warm and personal home

for young professionals. To make the most of their beautiful Chicago Lincoln Park single-family home, this family hired Leader Builders to do a complete face-lift and modernization. The basement was deepened and converted into a fully livable space, with a family room and bathroom. The second floor was renovated: a new master suite, new bathrooms, and a new office were created, taking full advantage of the multiple roof dormers. The gut rehab of the first floor culminated in a spectacular staircase, formal living room, family room with a fireplace, and a large, stylish kitchen.

Multiple additions

and renovations were made throughout this house. Leader Builders doubled the size of this Winnetka house with a massive two-story addition to the east side. The addition contains the kitchen, family room, mudroom, office and garage on the first floor, and the master suite on the second floor. This was the second project that Leader Builders performed on this house. The first one was a relatively small project, focusing on renovation of the front hall, dining room and power room. A year later, Leader Builders returned to do a massive, whole-house renovation with additions. The original part of the house now makes up only a minority of the entire building. Even the roof structure of the original house was taken down to a second-floor ceiling level and replaced. Designer finishing touches and highly efficient technologies abound. In the renovation process the entire exterior of the house - including siding, trim, roofing, and gutters - was replaced. All new custom Marvin windows have been installed.

Stylish and practical

was the theme throughout this Wilmette project, which involved building the addition of a new family room and expanding the existing kitchen. The new, gorgeous designer kitchen was achieved by better utilization of the old kitchen area and borrowing just a couple of feet from the new family room addition. Stylistically, the new addition was modeled after a smaller screened-in porch that already existed in the other part of the house. Cathedral ceilings in the new one-and-a-half story addition contrast beautifully with the lower ceilings in the kitchen area, situated neatly under the second floor above.

Full of light

briefly sums up this Wilmette project, which entailed the addition of a mudroom and a bright, colorful remodeled kitchen. While the goal of the project was to add a mudroom and provide reorganization of the first floor space, the highlight seems to be the beautiful gourmet kitchen, with the glass facade, refined custom cabinetry, high-tech appliances, and tons of natural stone surfaces. Multiple colors and textures in the cabinets and counters create a spacious room that begs rediscovering every time you walk through it.

A small addition

makes a huge difference is at the heart of this Evanston project. The old kitchen was tiny and separated from the family room by a small patch of garden. When Leader Builders connected the two areas and built a small addition, the new resultant space was spectacular! The house now features a beautiful custom kitchen with eat-at island, grand family room, cool corner mudroom and full bath, as well as what should have been there to begin with: a sunny view from the front entrance all the way to the backyard.

A new fresh flavor

exploded throughout the house when this Long Grove family, tired of the look and feel of the original construction, decided to do a complete overhaul with a new addition, allowing them to expand and rethink all of their previous attitudes about what a kitchen should be. After completion of the addition and other remodeling work by Leader Builders, the kitchen became a place for family to meet and talk, children to play, and food to be shared and savored. It also became a multi-purpose area: a place from which to watch the kids while they play in the swimming pool, a place to enjoy the sun, read a book, or even watch TV.

Indoor and outdoor garden

- enough said. This family of young professionals in Morton Grove worked with Leader Builders to create the quintessential garden home. The first part of the project entailed the construction of a new dining room addition, featuring a cathedral ceiling with skylights, bay window with cushioned seat, innovative bookcase partition, and fancy low-voltage lighting. Then Leader Builders added a cedar-framed screened lanai, reinvented the kitchen with top-quality high-tech finishes, and refreshed both the family room and living room. The project was designed to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, and to wrap living space around a most wonderful garden. A couple of years later, Leader Builders returned to install a new designer bathroom on the second floor.

Classic Wilmette

home addition has a recipe that is easy to follow: have excellent craftsmen create great spaces. This homeowner, having formerly been a builder himself, did his homework before hiring Leader Builders to build his addition. The result was fantastic utilization of space and great attention to detail. What exactly was built? Additional basement area was added to create a game room; a large family room was added on the first floor, along with a mudroom and an office, and the kitchen was expanded. The second floor part of the addition gave the home a new master suite and balcony.

Water World

awaits behind the door of this Barrington home's master suite. Beautiful, poetic man-made living vessels will pamper you with water in various forms, speeds, and rhythms - all driven by state-of-the-art technology and enhanced by impeccable installation. All that Leader Builders had to do, presented with the opportunity to install all these great appliances, was to remove the obstacles, make sure that the patterns matched perfectly, and that supporting electrical, plumbing and heating systems were top-notch and out of the way. Perfection was required and obtained.

Two projects

built by Leader Builders have dramatically changed the shape of this classic Wilmette home, and updated it to 21st century standards. During the first project, a new family room was added, sporting two-story spaces with stylish ceiling beams; the kitchen was beautifully remodeled, and most of the rest of the house was updated. Five years later, with the family growing, Leader Builders was called back to build a second addition, remodel the basement, and add many small improvements throughout the house, integrating all work into one stunning family home.

Contemporary jewel

is the best way to describe this house in Glenview that sports multiple two-story open spaces with a sculptural hanging staircase, roof terraces and skylights. The design and execution excels in minute details, from material choices to structural equilibriums. Green technologies, from high-efficiency radiant floor heating to extreme insulating factors, such as windows, doors and other insulation systems, contribute not only to the preservation of our planet, but also to the owner's wallet, with multiple utility bills savings. They also provide unsurpassed comfort and convenience.

21st Century Loft update

Located in a prestigious building in downtown Chicago, this loft condominium came with builder-grade finishes. Leader Builders gave it a total designer face-lift, including new hardwood, new cabinetry, wall relocation, and updated lighting. Features that resulted from the updating process include a great new Amish-style kitchen with quartz countertops, new hardwood floors, a new outdoor deck, and new railings and flower pots. The master suite was completely transformed and modernized, with closet space added, and the master bathroom was totally re-imagined, with new glass doors leading to the master bedroom.

Winnetka garden home

While average in size for the neighborhood, having 4,000 square feet, there is really nothing else average about this home. Endowed with a formal stone fa├žade and sculptured stone window trim, the family part of the house wraps neatly around the garden patio, with tons of windows for uninterrupted sunlight. Classically Winnetka in looks, this house does not skimp when it comes to practicality, with a grand 10-foot deep basement that includes a media theater, bar, au pair suite and second laundry area. The garden section features both a private deck and ground-level stone patio.

Classic Evanston Bungalow

gained a sunroom, spectacular entrance area and new master suite through this Leader Builders project. While many great existing details were preserved, many new ones were created to match those already there and integrated into the project. By becoming the base for the new sunroom, the existing cement front porch was completely transformed; it was covered with a roof and the exterior stairs were plated with new blue stone. The new master suite features sophisticated tile patterns and plumbing fixtures, combined with balanced color and texture schemes.

Penthouse with style

is the only way to describe the final effect achieved upon completion of this Chicago Lincoln Park penthouse gut rehab by Leader Builders. The Great Room, with its monumental cherry veneer ceiling is the main feature of this artsy condominium. The rehab job included the construction of a new spectacular kitchen and elegant bathrooms, a complete overhaul of the electrical and mechanical systems, and installation of all new windows and doors.

Two room additions

are what it took to turn this classic Evanston home into a perfect family residence. Leader Builders completed two separate addition projects for this family within a five-year span. The first project resulted in the addition of a second-floor master suite above the existing front room. The second project was bigger, involving the construction of a new addition with garage, bedroom on top, and new kitchen area, leading out to a huge cedar deck with flower pots, seats and pergolas.

On top of the world

is how you feel while sun bathing on this rooftop deck build by Leader Builders in the near-loop Chicago neighborhood right by Oprah's studio. The deck gives you a great view of Chicago's spectacular downtown, with Willis Tower prominent. In order to provide access to the deck, a small rooftop addition, including a sitting and bar area, was built. A dramatic staircase to the unit below provides sculptural decoration and a stairway to heaven.

Warm and Comfy

comes to mind when looking at this smaller project in Glencoe, which involved remodeling the kitchen, updating the family room and adding the butler's pantry revolving around a spectacular cabinetry set. Quality cabinetry gets a boost here from Leader Builders' precision installation. During the family room renovation ceilings beams were added as well, complimenting the cozy look of the new space.

Family home in the city

This home in Chicago's Lincoln Park area was greatly improved by this Leader Builders project, which added a third floor to the building and provided renovations to multiple areas. The result was a stunning two-story high family room with cathedral ceiling, built-in shelving units and artistic stairs, a loft office, fabulous master suite, remodeled kids' bedrooms and bathroom. In the process, the exterior of the building got a solid face-lift as well.

Glenview country residence

grand and full of exquisite finishes, it also excels in practicality and quality. The 9-foot deep, fully waterproofed basement houses a 12-seat theater, bar and play areas. The family areas have a separate path to the rear entrance, which has a 3-car garage and is independent from the formal main entrance. The house also features two-story cathedral ceilings, both in the family room and above the staircase, a spectacular Amish kitchen and innovative ceramic tile patterns.

Spacious and stylish

are two words that accurately describe this home in Chicago's Edison Park neighborhood, which was transformed into a grand family residence as a result of this massive addition and renovation project by Leader Builders. The project entailed two main phases. The first was the building of an addition at the rear of the building. The second phase was the construction of the entire second floor, including a new master suite with beautifully crafted multiple-plane cathedral ceilings and a well-designed floor-to-ceiling glass wall of patio doors and windows, as well as two additional bedrooms with designer bathrooms.

Spectacular interiors

are hiding behind the traditional facade of this Chicago Lincoln Park home. Wanting to both better utilize existing space, as well as add more, these clients asked Leader Builders to construct an entire second floor and also deepen the basement. The newly installed traditional grand staircase provides access to the new second floor, on which there is a master suite with vaulted ceiling, two additional bedrooms and a bathroom. The interior design background of the Lady of the house helped to ground material selections, layouts and finishing decisions in deep visual knowledge, and enhanced the professional, clean look.

Country residence feeling

was underscored and deepened by the small dining room addition in this Italianate villa in River Forest. Several strategic visions were achieved. The kitchen was expanded, remodeled and opened; an informal dining space, with excellent sun exposure and a beautiful view, was also added. The house was made to wrap and integrate with the gorgeous garden. Shaded exterior sitting space was added, as were architectural aspects, enhancing the entire form of the house. Not bad for one tiny addition!

Morton Grove house tweak

resulted in finding enough space in the underused areas of the existing house to add great gourmet kitchen and a family room in place of several underutilized, low purpose spaces. This project is in essence a room addition without the cost and hassle of building additional exterior shell. Amish cabinets and granite countertops were used. Some structural work, new patio doors and overhaul of old plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems were part of the project.

Contemporary and cozy

was a theme of this remodeling project in Chicago's Lincoln Park area. Leader Builders was called in to completely reconfigure half of the first floor area, as well as add new stairs to the lower level. The new space includes an expanded, high-tech contemporary kitchen with a cool balcony with railing overlooking the dining area below, as well as a new bottom-level family room, with a bar and full bath. Various updates were also made to other areas of the house in the process, including a remodeling of the master bathroom, installation of new first-floor hardwood floors, and a rebuilding of the main entrance. Two years later, Leader Builders was hired again to provide a complete gut rehab of the coach house located on the same property.

Modern feeling

was uncovered and thoroughly deepened through the "second floor addition on acid" in this original 1950s Morton Grove ranch home, which got buried under layers of former remodeling jobs. If the 20-foot x 20-foot glass wall, interior balconies, exposed spiral heating ducts, and suspended colored cube forms aren't modern enough, how about the first-floor living area, which does not have a single partition, but instead features an intricate steel spider web-like hanging staircase in mid-air? The informal, playful attitude is enhanced by toy-like color selections and by allowing viewers to see the actual exposed, carefully staged structural elements of the house.

Sunny and functional

was the outcome of this Leader Builders project, which entailed building a first floor addition with basement for this charming original Wilmette home from the 1940s. Large window wells were added in the 9-foot deep basement to get plenty of light in the lower-level playroom, which, together with the luxurious bathroom, completes this section of the house. Multiple changes were also made to the existing first floor. The kitchen was extended; a creative, rounded breakfast area was added; and the family's favorite new feature, the mudroom, was added. The mudroom has cubbies, a bench seat, shelves, and hooks-the perfect place for three little children to place their favorite items in an organized fashion. Patio doors and a grand wood deck space outside complete the vision of this home.

Full of light and color

sums up this Leader Builders project in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood, during which an existing attic was remodeled into a fully functional and beautiful second-story space, effectively doubling the size of the house. The young couple decided to get married and to renovate their home at the same time. On top of that they allowed the TV crews to film their project being built. You can watch the details in our "in the media" section. You will note traces of the lady of the house's colorful personality in beautiful Indian fabric adorning the space, sublime color selections and many thoughtful details throughout.

Beautiful Homes and Gardens

published an article about this addition and renovation by Leader Builders. A large roof dormer has been added to this stylish Evanston brick bungalow. This provided natural light and more headroom, and formed the basis for the project. From there, a floor plan was organized mathematically, dividing the space, which in turn became a fundation for gorgeous finishes: Japanese shoji doors were introduced to enclose the storage area, a freestanding tub and all around marble and the subtle color scheme.

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